Pinot Gris Barrel 2016

16,80 TTC

Aging in barrels gives this Pinot Gris a beautiful combination of woody and fruity aromas.


Slightly amber golden yellow.


Fruity and woody at the same time, in beautiful harmony and in beautiful concentration. Fruity notes are reminiscent of ripe Reine Claude, raspberry and apricot. The vanilla aromas, which come from a long aging in barrels, encompass the fruity aromas with delicacy. Notes of creamy honey accompany a slight spice of cinnamon and cardamom.


Fine and soft attack that gives way to the rich and woody structure of the wine. A note of acidity will bring a touch of freshness and recall the notes of plums and ripe grapes. The palate finishes lightly, leaving behind aromas of exotic fruits such as passion fruit.


This Pinot Gris Barrique goes marvelously well with baked white meat such as capon in wine, a winemaker's pie, gougères with Comté cheese or rabbit with olives.