Pinot Noir Altitude 333 – 2022

21,50 TTC

Powerful and structured red wine with aromas of oak, vanilla and red fruits.


Dark red and intense garnet color bright.


Powerful and expressive with woody aromas of fresh oak, black cherry, blackberry and candied cassis. This nose of great concentration expresses the over-ripened red fruits par excellence and brings it a beautiful depth and a great intensity which can invite the most poets of us to a walk in the summer undergrowth.


The very rich palate does not disappoint the expectation that one can get of this wine by inhaling it. A structured attack, a well-balanced and melted woody profile perfectly combined with an intense fruitiness will impress you. This mouth will of course be accompanied by a multitude of flavors of red fruits, candied blackberry and well-balanced woody notes which give the wine substance and length!


Indulge yourself with this wine accompanying a leg of lamb with rosemary, grilled veal tenderloin with raspberries, duck with mushrooms, roast mallard or a veal roulade in Burgundy.