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Use domain removal and promo code: cellar price

Note on the postage via our partner UPS:

The wine is a fragile product, we prepare special cartons specially protected for transport.

The postage tariff is calculated by weight and number of packages per multiple of 6 bottles.

  • a wine bottle cardboard x6: 10 € TTC
  • a wine cardboard x12 bottles: 15 € TTC
  • a special box for sparkling wine bottles x6: 12 € TTC (because the bottles are larger and heavier)

To optimize the shipping cost in your order, please fill your boxes completely.

You can achieve to combine an number of different bottles in cartons or x12 x6 for wine and spirits.

You can achieve to combine an several bottles of different sparkling wine in cartons of sparkling wine per multiple of 6.

From 250 € purchase (Sub-total products) the Transport costs are automatically offered.

If you live in Alsace or if you travel close to Dorlisheim:

To avoid transport costs and benefit from a reduction corresponding to the preparation costs choose "collection from the domain". and Use the promo code: cellar price