Sausage and ham cooked in a still by Pierre Becht,

a tradition and a shared pleasure!

As is now tradition, during a very special distillation session, Pierre Becht takes great pleasure in ensuring that sausages and other ham are cooked in his still.

Inside the copper still, Pierre piles up layers of grape marc from the last harvest and sausages, snares and ham, then starts the distillation.

During this first pass, the meat will cook slowly for an hour and a half thanks to the brandy vapor that emerges.

This method of steaming will allow the different meats to soak up these very specific aromas of grape marc.

Meat cooked in a still comes out marinated, tender and chewy.

During this first pass, all of the alcohol in the fermented marc is recovered. The result is a slightly concentrated eau-de-vie at 30 ° alcohol. A second distillation of this volume is launched, concentrating it at 63 ° alcohol, ideal degrees for maturation and aging.

Rest assured, cooking cold meats in marc does not affect the taste of the brandy!

At the end of these two distillations, Pierre will have transformed the fermented grapes into marc brandy. The same process is used for the production of Marc d`Alsace de Gewurztraminer or Marc de Muscat.

The whole family shared this moment with several restaurateurs (thanks to Romain du Restaurant le Colbert for the organization) came to discover this process. Our guests also had the opportunity to visit our cellar, accompanied by Frédéric Becht. Then they continued their discovery of the Estate with a tasting of our cuvées specially selected for the occasion. Some of our guests, totally won over by this method of cooking, even left with a bag of grounds!